Saturday, 2 August 2014

What have I done wrong?

I guess I don't really have much of an idea that I have to give a flow to this month of blaugust so I will follow in my ramblings of nothing in particular.

Today's ramble: Dating

It was clear at a young age that I would be always looking for someone to share my life with. I come from a loving house hold where the bond between my parents was something I ended up yearning for. What was also apparent was that I was never going to end up dating someone who wasn't into video games. So I have a type. This type has further been solidified in that 3 of the men I have let into my life have been tall, thin and had long blonde hair. I still stand by that it is merely the way things turned out to be, they are all very different people. DON'T JUDGE ME DAMMIT

Previous dating's however, have not been the best. From the boyfriend who dumped me just before valentines day, to the one who I never really was with but he and I totally did everything a couple would do for a full year, or the bi-polar girlfriend I had that went from "totally into me" to "I am moving to another country and not telling you". The need to have someone with me was trouble and in the days where their relationship was not enough it was hard to find reasons to be happy. I feel a little sorry for the people who put up with me complaining about how sad I felt then. Not just friends but people who seemed to have an interest in me that would reply with what they would do if they were dating me. I was naive I guess?As my good friend said: "Never put your dick in crazy"

This google search could have gone wrong very quickly

Dating is never really something I have understood. I certainly feel it but when you try to write it down it all ends up sounding like a bad wuxia movie. If it had more epic fight scenes I might be able to write something interesting but the closest I have got to that is face slapping. Yes, I may have just seen The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom. Attractive people geeez just look at them!

Not as many fight scenes but it has sex on a hilltop. 4 stars.  

The current boyfriend is a strange one. I say this knowing full well that people who are probably reading this right now only really know me through this man. He is my "type"as it were and the best thing about him is the amount he seems to know about random things. One of our first dates he took me to the museum and lectured me for hours about most of the stuff in there. Adorable.

This is not to say he isn't hard to deal with sometimes. He doesn't eat or sleep and I fucking love those things. I am confused with how little food he seems to consume but when I cook he does eat it so I suppose I will have to keep doing that. Of course I am not easy to deal with either I imagine I demand pats and rubs all the time because AFFECTION.

He makes fun of me, a lot. Before I started writing this he has been at it for at least an hour before I retaliated with a playful "Fuck you! Imma write about you in my blog now!". He often makes a face when he makes fun of me. Usually it is after say, making a bad pun that I have frowned at or showing me the horrible English voice acting for the Naruto fighting games that he is rather good at.

This is an accurate drawing of "Jimmy face"

I have started a Twitter about my boyfriend called Things Jimmy Says. In an attempt to capture the true nature of Jimmy. Over here to check it out:

Despite the constant Jimmy facing he is very entertaining or silly at least. A "Sillybutt" as I like to call him. Who knows if it will all last but his support has got me through many stresses that I have put myself under. I regret nothing.

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  1. Regretting nothing is an exceptionally good start.