Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Entries 3,4 and 5. It's totally legit.

Alright, get this. I had adventures.

From these I have learnt a few lessons that I would like to share with you.

So on the 3rd Blaugust night I sat down to begin my post knowing that my boyfriend would arrive for a weeks visit at some point that evening. As it turned out though, my boyfriend had not planned his fuel very well and got himself stuck in the small country town of Robe late enough at night that nothing was open.

Lesson 1: After 9pm country SA closes for the night.

Naturally the best course of action was to go save him.
I pulled into the petrol station to go see if I could purchase a can of some sort so that he could drive his car the rest of the way. As I pulled in however, in the darkness I was unable to see that there was a curb where I was heading and this lead me to burst one of my car tires.

Luckily though, I had a spare.

Lesson 2:  Make sure you have a spare tire.

I have only changed one car tire in my life, it was under supervision when my parents told me that should I be living in the country I need to learn how to change a tire

Lesson 3: Listen to your parents (sometimes)

As I was getting the spare tire and jack out of my car friend of mine from work pulled in, she asked me what I was doing. Upon explaining the situation she said that while she can't help she would call her boyfriend who can.

Lesson 4: Good networking gets you places

I continued to change the tire, began raising my car when a car pulled up at the station, a man got out and asked me if I needed help. I told him what I did and we both laughed at how stupid I was, at this point my friend's boyfriend arrived and the other man left.

Lesson 5: Being nice to people brings joy

With the car tire fixed I went and bought a 10L petrol can, filled it with petrol and set off to go save my stranded man.

I arrived an hour later, took the can out of the boot, sat it next to his car when we realized that the can didn't come with a funnel. It looked kinda like this:


A few minutes later with a frantic phone call to his parents for ideas, I was taking rusty screwdriver to an old water bottle that had left in my car, to use as a funnel to get the petrol into his car.

Gotta keep it until I buy a funnel

We managed to get safely back to my house, with another 20 minute detour because as we also learnt...

Lesson 6: Road signs in the country take you on the scenic route

All went well in the end and I am thankful that my boyfriend is safe. I will admit my heart sank when I saw 7 missed calls and I originally thought my boyfriend was dying in horrible car crash using his last ounce of strength to call me to give me a tragic parting goodbye message.**Disclaimer: This is not something my boyfriend would do.   

I got to bed in the end at about 2am then woke up for a 7am start at work. I was surprised I was able to function at work the next day but I guess a part of me had accepted that I did what I needed to and that I felt I made the right choice.

Lesson 7: You don't have to be good to get the job done.

And finally:

What song have you got stuck in your head?

Till next time~



  1. Truly, an excellent adventure.

    Doesn't that kind of fuel container have a flexible spout you can kinda jam directly into the fuel intake? Tilt the container slowly sideways for best effect.

  2. Yes, that make of fuel container has a funnel built into the lid. Just swap the inside part around and presto.

  3. Lesson 8: Listen to you friends, I am pretty sure I have that same jerry, and they are right, but it doesn't matter right now.

    Despite that... +1 point for best post of Blaugust so far. I laughed, I cried. Well done!

  4. Ooh, a good adventure indeed! Must have been bloody annoying at the time but it's a most excellent story to tell now!