Sunday, 3 August 2014

Drawing is a thing

I felt now is about the time to start arting it up in this blog. 

I have loved drawing for a while now however, it wasn't until fairly recently that I have drawn things that I am happy to show to people. In part this may be due to this support from the people around me but it is also just in the overall quality artwork I have been creating. 

It started in about Year 5 of primary school when those wonderful Scholastic magazines were given to the children during library time. One week, there was a small selection of 'How to Draw' books. I took this to my mother with a request for the 'How to Draw Animals' book but also said that I would like the 'How to Draw Manga' book that was on display next to it. My mother, the great parent that she is, would only buy me one. She also reminded me that I quite liked those anime shows shown on Cheez TV in the mornings. Her guidance (or persuasion whatever word you think fits better) left me with a whole lot of free time and a simplistic explanations in this how to draw book.

Simple way to start is a good way to start

This book became something I both hated and loved. It assumed a lot of basic art knowledge that I simply never learnt and trying to replicate these drawings never turned out the way I planned. Not matter what I did though, I kept coming back to drawing manga. It also never warned me how expensive art equipment really is. Stupid book. 

I gave up for a little while until I found The Internet where I started to go on my first fourm. On this Final Fantasy fan base fourm people were telling me about how I should try and make some fan art for it. 

The weapon she has equipped is a Wizard Rod! 
Teaches Curaga, Protect and Shell. 31 Attack

So the fan art was, as you would expect, the quality of a child. I somehow had the courage the let my tutor in year 8 put this up in the classroom. It was there for a full year........... for everyone to see....... oh gawd. 

I was also told about the anime that was getting big right now, Naruto, and how I should try and create some fan art for that. Thank god I can't find any of those pictures. Sakura never had arms, only shoulder stumps.

It was at this point that I started to draw less in place of doing 'research' as in, watching as much anime as I could. I would also often find myself on the way home from school heading into the then, very small, Shin Tokyo store in the station arcade with my small change buying $5 anime badges. I am very lucky that there is only one photo where I am wearing my Naruto, Garra, Kakashi and Sasuke badges on my school blazer. You can barely see them too HA! 

I digress. I later got a Deviant art account because my best friend did. During sleepovers we would draw small comics about funny in-jokes or video game things with the intent of putting up on there. Only one ever made it up:

This is also the point that I must confess I had been calling myself loza-chan on the internet. I am so sorry. Forgive me.... *cries*
After this plan of comics on the internet wasn't getting anywhere, I dropped it again. It was only in my final year of high school that I took it up again to try and help me learn the Kanji characters I needed to. 

楽しい 'Tanoshii' 
It means fun/pleasant

I then followed the usually pattern of dropping it for a while before I started to get involved with something greater... something sinister... something called: AvCon. It was only then that I started to meet amazing artists who taught me of importance that self-development and practice has on their art. I started to follow the same vein, feeling miles behind on their progress. I however had a great moment in AvCon 2013. I made my first $2 as an artist by selling a coloured version of this:

I was actually quite proud of this sketch when I did it. 

Did you hear that though? I MADE $2!! Someone actually liked my art so much that they were willing to pay for it? HOLY SHIT. After I recovered from the hard work that the AvCon weekend provided, my friend met me to give me my hard earnt $2. I bought 4 VICTORY LOLLYPOPS with it. 

This then let me try out doing a drawings from people whose art, being and fashion sense I adored, to more red mages and typical Japanese delinquents. 

Look her up too:

So I started a Facebook page after that. Please do have a lookise~

I guess the reason why I am spending all this time blogging about my art is that I tried something new today. I created chibi Sailor Moon faces. 

Not usually something I do but when I showed it to amazing artist and friend Ale (, she thought they looked cute. People like them! They really like them! :D All those frustrated tears has actually left me with a drawing experience both rewarding and fun. 

I am sure more of the art things will filter onto this blog but until then you can share with me, a snapshot of how my art has developed over these 10 years. Hopefully, you will see a lot more of them in the future


  1. I love it! You've made amazing progress and I love your wacky Mario/Luigi comic. Teehee. Here's to more learnings and artses over the next ten years!

  2. Ha, I wouldn't feel too down on your art, Laura - even the early stuff that's not as good as what you're doing now. If I've learned anything from writing then it's that you'll never get better if you don't practice. Also seriously, your art smokes mine (my all-time masterpiece, compare and contrast: So at least you can always tell yourself that there's always going to be someone out there who's worse than you. ;)

  3. To trot out an extremely tired anecdote, I not only failed year nine art, but I got removed from the class (the severe escalation of 'time out' kind of removed) on a permanent basis, because my teacher refused to believe that I was doing the best that I could despite my assurances that I was.