Monday, 11 August 2014

Laughter? The best Medicine?

We've all heard it, the whole "laughter is the best medicine" thing.


Laughter hurts.

I hurt myself today because I was laughing too hard. 30 minutes of constant giggles. At what? you may be asking. I remembered that this existed:

Summing up your first sexual experience in GIFs:

Thank you Reddit.

Okay so some degree I do believe in the laughter thing. It certainly makes the day go by quicker and the patients a little more cheery but do not forget. There is always a time and a place. I know you want to make a pun that I, as a student nurse giving IV medications for the first time was going to give it my best shot (Kill me).
One of the first rules I have learnt: You can state that you are a student but never tell a patient it is your first time doing something. It ruins the faith and makes your job a lot harder. If you screw up then sure, tell them then and run away fast.

Laughing is an important thing to do though. Makes your forget about things that might not be going well for you or just the world in general. I certainly had fun looking through these images after a hard days work even if I injured myself doing so.

Uploading these I found some strange pictures in my images folder that I should really be careful of

I am not even sorry. 

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