Friday, 1 August 2014

It all begins with Blagust - A wonderful Friendship

So here I am. Sitting in my cold room typing about something, anything that will let me start this month off for "Blagust". After about 30 minutes of me twiddling my thumbs and watching everyone's "Top 10 Favorite/Saddest/Best Scrubs moments" on Youtube I finally came to figure out what I wanted to ramble about: Why I am doing this.

For one, it's something I haven't really done before. Sure I told a few people that I wanted to write a blog so that the random things that I feel are funny can be seen by the world however, I never really find what I have to say to be terribly interesting, merely honest. 

I was told today by a patient that it was reassuring to have someone honest, open and easy to talk to. That was nice. I wanted to say more than the "Awww thank you" followed by the "It's easy when there are wonderful people like you" or, if they can take a joke, you follow with something like: "It's hard to keep this face on" *insert laughter*. Lord nurses talk a lot of crap. I may have actually picked the right profession for me to study. Not that I don't mean what I say. I want people to be happy and comfortable and in a hospital people take life too seriously or not seriously enough. Gotta have a middle man somewhere. 

Anyway, truth is I am not usually one to read blogs. It was never a thing I really did. Maybe because when I was old enough to write them with minimal spelling errors and somewhat coherent thought, mediums like Facebook were around to give you opinions in small bite-sized chunks without having to search too hard for them. 

Second contributor (and possibly the bigger reason) to my Blagust is my friends. I have found that it is often understated about how important the "Right friends" are. You remember when your mum told you not to hang out with Billy because he was a bad influence right? Okay maybe not, but surely you have come across people that you don't want to hang out with or have no alike interests whatsoever. Those are not the people you should be friends with, no matter what way you cut it. 

During my high school years, as a future nurse in training I found it very important to try and be able to talk to anybody. Especially as my underlying reasons for everything I do stem from a love of video games that often people simply don't understand. It had it's major draw backs some days when my mind turned blank and I decided that "Yes, my Religious Education teacher really did need to know how Japanese video games portray Christianity." In essence though, I have made an effort to talk to people that I wouldn't usually approach. This does not mean I have to be friends with them, only friendly 

My point is that friends need to be people that compliment you. It is a delicate balance because you might find someone who is really into sewing and Gasp! oh my god you love to sew too. Then you find out that they only sew bondage outfits and that is not, in fact, something you love. You should not have to feel obliged to continue a friendship with this person just because you both sew. What I have learnt with my experience is that I can be a nurse/gamer/artist/standup comic//bongo drummer and still find people to be friends with. I guess the message is, there are people out there that will like what you do. 

The friends that I hang out with more often now are the "Right kind" as it were. Not because they are model children that my mum would be happy for me to hang out with after school but because they complement me and what I am. These people do things like Blagust. I quite like my friends, I find that what they have to say is intelligent or at least entertaining but I perhaps feel that if I don't contribute to the madness I am going to miss out on all the fun. Even if I did miss out though, it wouldn't really matter too much I suppose that is one of the most wonderful things about it all. 

I am sure I will have lots of fun! 



  1. You're a bongo drummer? I always wanted to be a bongo drummer! Besties for eva!

    1. I did it for a little while a year or so ago :p something well worth getting into again.

      Also don't feel like I am any good at the things listed...