Sunday, 31 August 2014

Is it really the end...?

It is the end of August! Thus, the end of Blagust. So what now?

I am intending to continue ramblings on here outside of this wonderful event but for now I will quickly recap on how this month has been for me.

It has been a strangely stressful and rewarding month for me, milestones include: My last Student nurse placement, continuing my art work and enjoying it, learning more about speed running and developing video games and my mother retiring.

I haven't been posting here as much as I would have liked but I was usually either doing these wonderful things or resting to make sure I was well enough to continue. I am one week away from completing my placement and 9 weeks away from completing my degree. Eeep! I find out next month if I get a graduate year and if I do I assure you I will be writing a lot about it. I have learnt so much during my placement in the Cath Lab and it is certainly an area I would love to work in one day. I realize though that it is a specialized area that I won't be able to get into without going through a bit more training first. As the nurses have told me though, if I am dedicated enough and work towards it that is the best chance I will have of getting it. I am going to have difficulties in my first year as an RN as I haven't been placed on a ward. You would think this could be my fault for asking for placement options that are specialized but in all honesty I didn't get much a choice until my final placement. Aside from the University never giving me a ward placement I am sure that should I get a graduate year I will be placed on one. Not exactly the place I want to work or the place I see myself working forever but it is necessary experience.

My Art has been taking off again this month and while at the moment I haven't been drawing too much I have found myself drawing quicker and more accurately so that is always a good thing. I have mainly been doing sketches here and there and when I have inked them at least I shall scan them to show to the world :D I look forward to having a bit more time to sit and draw after placement is finished.

Games are fun and this month I have been not only doing silly speed running antics, as I have blogged about but I have also been attempting to learn a little programming. Still early days and any in depth conversation with programmers at the moment is only half understood by me but the ball has started rolling so lets see where it takes me. It would be really interesting to see if I can do some more pixel art and try and make a simple game. That's the goal in mind at the moment at least. Mix the art and stuffs ya know?

Family is doing well at the moment. My mother has just retired from her job and is now going to finally have some more of the "me time" that she deserves. This is going to cause issues for me as lifestyle changes will be enforced by my mother and while I understand her reasons I hated being given a bed time and a wake up time only seems worse. We shall see how that goes, I am sure I will find some balance in it all.

I really enjoyed reading my friends blogs and seeing what they were doing while I was too busy to attend things like EVAC because of placement. It was reassuring in a way as I was able to see how things were still happening around me and it didn't make me worry as much. I will have more time soon though so MOAR GAMES. MOAR EVAC. MOAR MAH JONG!!

Watch this space for more wonderful tales~


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